Our Legacy

At least four generations of Scotts have kept bees:  My grandfather and his brothers, my dad, my brother and I, and my sons and my nephews.

My grandfather and great-uncle keeping bees, June 1959

My own personal adventure in beekeeping began in 2000, with the purchase of two nucs from a beekeeper in Nashville, which were promptly uprooted and moved to a new home in Macon, GA. Located in a suburban neighborhood for the next seven years, this new hobby stayed small, but it allowed us to learn a lot about the joy of caring for our honey bee friends.

In 2007 we purchased 18 acres in the Beech Bluff area just outside of Jackson, TN. Our plan was to grow our beekeeping hobby into a sideline business, as much as this amount of land would sustain.

In 2015, our 15th year of beekeeping, we’ve started offering a number of services to our community and other beekeepers. This includes swarm removal, private hive inspections, mentoring services, and contracted hive management.

In our partnership with our bees, we produce pure local honey plus a number of products from the beeswax including handmade soap, lip balms, skin creams, hand salves, and the like.

This site also has a blog as a place for my beekeeping “log book”, a place to track articles and interesting things I come across, other thoughts related to beekeeping and other topics about country living that I find interesting. I hope you’ll find them interesting too.

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